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Ducted Heat Pumps

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Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Are you contemplating the installation of a ducted air conditioning system? Ducted aircon systems are the perfect choice when you seek to heat or cool multiple rooms with the convenience of controlling your indoor climate at the push of a button. Regardless of the season, you have the power to set the ideal temperature for your home or office, ensuring your space remains as warm or cool as you desire. As specialists in ducted air conditioning, Full Power Electrical exclusively provide and install top-tier brands of ducted systems. 

Year-Round Comfort Throughout Your Entire Home

Our ducted heat pump systems offer year-round comfort by enabling the heating or cooling of all rooms simultaneously, allowing you to transition from one room to another in absolute comfort. Strategically placed vents ensure even airflow, with a range of heat pump sizes available to suit most homes, from 5KW to 28KW.

While ceiling vents are commonly installed, we can also incorporate floor vents if adequate space is available underneath. Return vents equipped with filters create a balanced air system, filtering out dust spores and contributing to a healthier living environment for your family.

The design of your heat pump solution plays a crucial role in its overall performance. We meticulously size the ducting, grills, and equipment to ensure that the right air volumes are directed to the appropriate rooms. We employ cutting-edge computer software to design the most efficient system for your home, promising low running costs and quiet operation.

It’s not uncommon for us to be called in to fix ducted systems from other contractors that are either noisy or costly to operate. These issues can be prevented by getting the job done correctly from the outset. Moreover, we are proud to offer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ ducted heat pumps, which provide a comprehensive heating and cooling solution for your home.

With a discreet design that can be seamlessly concealed in your ceiling, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ ducted heat pumps offer a quiet and versatile solution for any New Zealand home.

Product Series – All Models:

FDU Series (High Static Pressure)

  • Capacities: 7.1KW — 14.0KW
  • Single Phase / Three Phase


FDUA Series (High Static Pressure)

  • Capacities: 10.0KW — 20.0KW
  • Single Phase / Three Phase


FDUM Series (Medium Static Pressure)

  • Capacities: 5.0KW — 6.0KW
  • Single Phase


KX1:1 Series (High Static Pressure)

  • Capacities: 11.2KW — 28.0KW
  • Reverse Cycle / Single Phase / Three Phase

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Elegant Ventilation

Explore our extensive variety of grilles, available in various sizes and materials, including plastic and powder-coated aluminum. We can even arrange for wall grilles to be locally powder-coated to match your wall's color!

Zone Customization

For several of our ducted systems, you have the option to incorporate zone control features. This allows you to decide which rooms you'd like to heat or cool. It's a smart way to cut down on the operational expenses of the unit while tailoring your indoor comfort.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

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